Benjamin Verhulst

The truth is that every experience, every feeling, every film you see, becomes part of the sensibilities you apply to making a movie.
Conrad Hall
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My name is Benjamin Verhulst and I've worked in entertainment my entire life. I began my career in lighting design for theatre and other live venues, acquiring live production experience that I found invaluable during my initial ventures into film. After studying at the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts under mentors such as Rexford Metz and Stuart Robertson, I worked my way up the ladder in the Camera Department in Los Angeles.

I am lucky to have a flourishing career as a Steadicam Operator and, previously, a Digital Imaging Technician. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with and learn from some of today's best working cinematographers, including Jeff Cutter, Karl Walter Lindenlaub, Fred Elmes, Alwin Kuchler, Ron Garcia and Anthony Hardwick. Working hand-in-hand to create dynamic, engaging shots; I found operating honed my storytelling skills, while the DIT position was an optimal vantage point to learn how to shoot for the digital age.

As a Director of Photography, I have lensed award-winning commercials, music videos and features for talented directors in the independent and union world. There are few things more rewarding than bringing a worthy story to life-- my goal is to do so as beautifully and as honestly as possible.